Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation and Jet Aircraft

Do you want a little business jet with a lot of power? Well hold on, as we are almost here. There are many new little Biz Jets about to come to the market place. So what is happening in the Biz Jet marketing the last 2-years? Oh not much, except Cessna now has a new little Biz Jet. This little model will mean aircraft washing businesses may have to adjust their prices down a little or may just make a hefty profit as it can be washed in less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile in Biz Jet markets we are seeing many changes.

The new Cessna Citation Mustang is doing great already with orders and just incase you think things are slowing down, remember there are lots of orders right now, just about anyone who is anyone is buying these newest technologies. Lots of new choices out there from the leaders in the industry and who is getting orders and who is buying now? Lots of talk in the Industry, lots of money flow. And also NASA decides it cannot do without the idea of fractional jet costs to share their resources and save money, it is a deal they cannot pass up as the NASA we use to know is purely business and watching it’s costs these days;

Look at the new Eclipse 500 a little six seater, 2300 pre-orders, wow. That is a lot of jets to wash. As Airlines get hammered it appears there is a whole new market, which has been given a boost. Eclipse Order Book Tops 2,000. With 1,357 pre-paid no refund Orders and 715 Options; $65 million Deposited. Indeed this is an interesting recent press release as well:

“Eclipse Aviation Corporation wanted everybody at the NBAA convention to know that the order book for its lightweight, six-place twinjet totals 2,072 aircraft. With 1,357 firm orders and 715 options, the company has secured more than $65,000,000 in non-refundable deposits, stating “Demand for the Eclipse 500 jet has been exceptionally strong, demonstrating the market creation and expansion made possible through not only the compelling purchase price, but more importantly, the low direct operating cost of this aircraft,” said Vern Raburn, president and CEO of Eclipse Aviation. “To our knowledge, the Eclipse 500 [pre-delivery] order book is greater than that of any single civilian jet in the history of aviation.” Nonrefundable deposits secure all orders for the Eclipse 500 jet. Each order includes payment schedules that increase the amount of the customer’s total deposit as the aircraft reaches certification and delivery milestones”

This is far out man. Included in the order book are deposits from individual customers for the purchase of 530 owner-flown aircraft. Can you believe how well this company has done. First customer deliveries are scheduled to occur in January 2004. To date, approximately the first two-and-a-half years of production aircraft have been sold out. An order placed today will be granted a mid-2006 delivery position. Fleet customer aircraft delivery commitments extend through 2008. You know these are very sexy little planes and the kind you would like to own.

The Eclipse 500 is a six-person jet aircraft that sells for $837,500 (in June 2000 dollars). At this price, it costs approximately a quarter of today’s small jet aircraft. The Eclipse 500 flies at 355 knots, and the company says it will travel 1300 nautical miles (about the distance between Boston and Miami) at a cost of approximately 56 cents a mile to operate. This cost to operate is nil considering the excellent performance. Production Rates are a little bit of a snag, I would say with all these orders, surely they will be quite busy for sometime to come.

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Fishing Rods – Making the Right Choice!

Fishing stores have an array of fishing rods for your every whim. The rods come in a variety of brands you will most likely find your favorite brand by doing some research online.

Daiwa Signature Trout and Salmon Fly Rods will help you catch the trout and salmon you are fishing for. The Signature Trout Rod comes in a choice of six with a seat for your reel. Scott MacKenzie, who is highly knowledgeable in the fly rod area, and Daiwa help make the Signature Salmon Rods a one-of- a-kind fishing rod.

A fabulous deal on Daiwa is the Wilderness Trout and Salmon series at that low price you can afford to buy this fly rod for everyone in your family for your next fishing trip.

Grey’s G-Tec Double Handed Fly Rods are sure to be a winner in your fishing adventures. Made with very high quality and many features this rod will be the talk of you and your buddies.

Need a rod that is easy to take with you wherever you go? Greys has the fly fishing pole just for you. The G-Tec Travel Rods are the answer you are looking for. The rod comes in six pieces for your convenience. A popular fly fishing rod is the Grey’s Greyflex M2 Double Handed Fly Series. This comes in four pieces for easier traveling. This fishing rod has been improved by becoming lighter and stronger than ever before. Another choice for you is the Grey’s Missionary 6 Travel Fly series. This rod comes in six pieces for easy packing. An excellent choice for any fisherman.

The brand Hardy makes Demon Double Handed Fly series. A very smart choice with all of the added features Hardy also makes the Demon Fly Rod for a cheaper price than the Demon Double Handed Fly Rod. Excellent quality with savings to your pocket book. The Hardy Marksman Rod comes in a variety of lengths and are priced accordingly. Reel in your favorite fish for a fresh and delightful dinner.

Most stores offer the brand name Loop in their fly fishing collection. Loop offers their Adventure 15 foot Salmon Rod with a special offer with an unbeatable price and the Loop Adventure Fly Fishing Double Handed Set Special Offer just for you.

A Holiday

A Holiday in Rajasthan

Romancing History – A Holiday in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the name evokes myriad impressions – an intricate tapestry of colour, sound and smell. Holidaying in Rajasthan brings one face to face with mammoth contradictions – where royal grandeur is easily offset by rustic charm and lavish opulence belies ingenious survival. Geographically too, Rajasthan is a land of contrasts: dense forests give way to an arid landscape and lofty hills separate baking dunes from brimming lakes. And no Rajasthan holiday is complete without an experience of the spirited Rajputs, whose proud and haughty exterior conceals an inner friendliness and warm sense of hospitality.

Rajasthan, meaning the land of the kings, has a history dating back 5000 years. A Rajasthan holiday is the experience of a living tradition. Dotted with well-preserved architectural wonders echoing age-old legends, many of these, especially the ancient havelis are in use even today. Similarly, ancient temples in this mystic land have effortlessly spanned eons of worship by the devout as they resound even today with chanting and ringing of bells.

Holiday in Rajasthan! Follow in the footsteps of the ancient caravans as you travel through this ageless land by a camel safari or step into the shoes of kings, as you ride into palaces sitting atop an elephant. Track the tiger in wild Rajasthan or have a holiday adventure driving a jeep over sand dunes in a hip desert adventure.

Cultural Rajasthan

Rajasthan is dotted with the reminders of its ancient past, its forts ringing with ballads of the valour and romance of the Rajputs. But the tourist is not a visitor to dead relics showcased in a museum. A Rajasthan holiday is an enthralling ride through the living portals of history.

Bikaner: Located in North Rajasthan, Bikaner is desert country famous for its medieval spirit, its monuments and camels. Junagarh fort, Lalgarh palace, Jain Haveli and Bhandeswari are a feast for the holiday crowd.

Jaipur: Rajasthan’s pink city offers a holiday with a refreshing blend of the traditional and the modern. Its attractions include the Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar and the forts, Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Amber and Moti Dungri.

Jaisalmer: The magic of the desert is very alive in this legendary town famous for its havelis – traditional mansions that are artistic expression with skilled craftsmanship, carvings and paintings. Other attractions include the breathtaking Jaisalmer Fort and the Tazia Towers.

Jodhpur: The ancient Marwar empire in the desert, this military town is also famous for the kingly sport of Polo. It is famous for its monuments including Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh fort and Jaswant Thada.

Udaipur: Known for its lakes and palaces, this is the ultimate Rajasthan holiday. Udaipur epitomizes artistic endeavor from brilliant architecture and miniature painting to vibrant performing arts. Tourists are simply dazzled by the City Palace, Lake Palace, Crystal Gallery, Durbar Hall, Bagore-ki-haveli Dharohar, Jag Mandir, and Maharana Pratap Memorial.

Wild Rajasthan Holidays

Rajasthan is also a haven for some thrilling wildlife holidays, housing as it does some of the best National Parks and Sanctuaries in India.

Ranthambore National Park: Located at the junction of the Aravalis and the Vindhyas, Rajasthan’s important hill ranges, this former hunting ground of the Maharajas is one of the best places in the world to see the tiger. Other wild life her includes sambar, chital, nilgai, hyena, caracal and panther.

Sariska National park: Situated among the rugged Aravali hills that dominate North West Rajasthan, Sariska’s dry deciduous forests are home to a wealth of wildlife. Besides the tiger, a holiday here offers sambar, chital, chousingha, wildboar, langur, Rhesus macaque and a wealth of birds.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park: Originally the hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Bharatpur, this lovely bird sanctuary owes its existence to an artificial tank, which is home to a variety of birds, resident as well as migratory. The star attraction of a holiday in Bharatpur here is the Siberian Crane, a winter migrant that flies to Rajasthan all the way from Russia.

Feisty Rajasthan Holidays

Holiday in Rajasthan for its people who don’t look for reasons to celebrate. Fond of colour, mirth and pageantry, the irrepressible spirit of Rajasthan finds expression in a number of feasts, fairs and festivals that mark the seasons, commemorate occasions or simply let off steam!

Desert Festival: Holidaying here in winter, tourists find the desert around Jaisalmer bursting in a riot of colour and music. Around January, the Desert Festival presents an extravagant fanfare of Rajasthani men and women displaying the cultural wealth of their state.

Camel Festival: Held in January, this festival is dedicated to the ‘Ship of the Desert’, and lifeline to rural Rajasthan. Starting with a procession of decorated camels, it soon turns into jubilant festivity. Tourists

Travel Fly Rods

Travel Fly Rods – Why You Should Consider One

The quality and performance of travel fly rods has greatly improved from when they were first introduced. More anglers are beginning to consider this type of fly rod when they are looking to add a new rod to their collection or replacing an old one. Many manufacturers of traditional fly rods also have a line of travel size fly rods to choose from in both fresh and saltwater configurations.

Some of the concerns that many anglers have had with this type of rod is that because these rods have so many sections it might not cast or perform as well as a traditional two section fly rod. In one of the fly fishing forums that I visit some anglers at first were stating their skepticism about how well these rods would perform in comparison to a traditional two section fly rod but a few well seasoned anglers began reporting in on their experience with some of these travel ready rods.

Some of the rods that were getting positive reviews were Orvis Frequent Flyer, Cabelas Stowaway and Winston Lt. It appears that these rods are capable of punching out long and accurate casts just like a traditional fly rod. It appears that these travel fly rods are forgiving, sensitive and are deadly accurate.

Travel fly rods have become very affordable and manufacturers have greatly improved their performance. What is so perfect about these travel size fly rods is that they will break down into about 5 to 7 pieces which makes them extremely portable and perfect for the traveling angler.

These rods come with their own travel tube or bag and will fit into any backpack, saddlebag or even your carry on luggage which makes it an ideal rod when you are spending a weekend backpacking or going on vacation.

Miami Calling

Miami Calling!

If you are searching for a pink flamingo, then head to Miami, Florida, the southernmost part of the USA. It’s said that Miami makes the largest number of plastic pink flamingoes in the country. Welcome to Miami!

All of us probably associate Miami with its beautiful beaches. But, truth be told, this city has a lot more to offer the tourists than just lively and sunny beaches. The city is also an education hub, with some of the biggest universities of America. Miami is well connected to the rest of the country as well as the world. There are three major airports close to Miami Beach and they are Fort Lauderdale International Airport, the Miami Airport and the West Palm Beach International Airport.

Founded in 1895, Miami was much sought after due to its balmy climes and natural tourist attractions. Spanish is widely spoken and the Latin American hospitality is quite evident in the multitude of clubs, bars, and cafes that dot the cityscape. Moreover, a walk around the city will reveal that Miami has the largest number of fine hotels in America! No American holiday is complete without a trip to Miami.

Miles and miles of white sand beaches are located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Linked by four paved highways, Miami beaches are a haven for tourists all the year round. Refreshing and vibrant, the city is best visited from October to April. Nevertheless, outdoor sports, and swimming are year round activities. When in Miami, dress casual and don’t forget to take your best sun hat and a good sunscreen. The tan is a perfect golden brown and the experience simply magical! The beaches are open and teeming with sports and water enthusiasts. You can get your adrenalin pumping with beach volleyball, or water sports such as scuba diving and jetski

After a long day of games and soaking up the sun, head for a cool drink at the clubs and bars. you can even sit around slow burning fires, or saunter along the city while soaking up the electrifying atmosphere around you! One good place to visit is the ‘Little Havana’ area. Enjoy some sumptuous Cuban and Latin food, especially dishes with mangoes, coconut, rice, crabs, fish and oysters.

If you are not much of a beach bum, then take a ride on the wild side. Go Para-sailing! And if you are not the adventurous kind then you can always visit some of the art galleries that encourage local talent or you can get close to nature at the Parrot Jungle and Gardens, the Monkey Jungle, and the Metro Zoo.

Remember, Miami and Miami Beach are two distinct and different cities. While Miami is located on the mainland and is a melting pot of cultures and races, with a distinctly Latino flavor, Miami Beach is located on the outer bank, is uniquely tourist-oriented, and is full of hotels and beach facing apartments available for rent. Thinking about a perfect family holiday – Think Miami!

Airline Travel

Airline Travel – Flying is the Second Greatest Thrill Known to Man, Landing is the First

Tightened airport security and other plane related problems are making airline travel more difficult these days. To counteract that, here are some suggestions to make your journey more enjoyable.

* Distract yourself.During the flight, divert your attention with a good book, good conversation or the in-flight movie.

* Reach out and meet someone.Making contact with other people can help you feel less alone in the lonely world of travel.

* Remember to breathe. When you tense up, you tend to take short shallow breaths. Long slow breaths relax you.

* Flying is safer than driving. You have heard it before but its true. If you took one domestic plane ride a day, you could go on average more than 29,000 years before succumbing to a fatal accident.

* Take control. You may not be in control of your surroundings but you are in control of what you think. Concentrate on the positive.

* If it’s a long trip, think of how long it might take you to make the trip by car or bus. If it’s cross-country, that might take over a week… so a five to six hour plane ride doesn’t seem so bad when put in perspective.

* Everything in life is an adventure. So when you start out your trip, concentrate on what a great adventure you might have today, who you might meet, or how many airport stores you can shop at when your flight is delayed.

* Remember your sense of humor. Never leave home without it. A good laugh can help you rise above any situation.

Accessing Your Data Remotely

Accessing Your Data Remotely

Remote access: The ability to log onto a network from a distant location. Generally, this implies a computer, a modem, and some remote access software to connect to the network.

We live in and increasingly mobile society. We travel more for work, personal pleasure and in some cases we even have jobs where we are expected to work from home. Obviously there are heaps of advantages to this kind of mobile lifestyle, but there are also some challenges. The challenge we want to discuss here is maintaining consistent, secure access to your information.

There are a few ways that you can get access to information from remote servers and personal computers. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. What we all want to accomplish is access to information where and when we need it. Here are some ways you can get access to your information remotely;

· Put the information into your own website that has a secure log-in

· Get access through a VPN (virtual private network) on the Internet

· Get some Remote access software that hooks you up to your personal PC

· Use remote control software for managing a PC from another PC

· Keep your data on a secure third party server

There are pro’s and con’s to all of the different methods above. Here are some of the considerations;

· Is your data secure?

· Is the software you are using to get to your data quick to install on a remote PC?

· Is the PC where the data is stored always hooked to the internet?

· Does your PC have firewall protection to prevent unwanted access?

· Is your PC always powered up and ready to go?

· Does anyone else have access to your PC that could turn it off and cause you to loose access?

· Is your PC or server reliable and always working?

· Is there someone available to reboot your PC or server if it goes down?

· Do you know how to set up and maintain your own VPN?

The above information is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to give you an idea of some of the issues you face when trying to maintain reliable remote access to your information. As you can see there are a variety of problems that can occur. The biggest single issue is the availability and condition of the PC that stores the data. The challenge is to find a method that assures your access to your information, no matter what!

Lots of things can cause your PC to be offline. Your PC may crash and no one is there to re-boot it. Your internet access could go down and you have no way to get the link going again remotely. Someone with physical access to your PC could interfere with it and then not be available to fix it. You could make administrator changes to your PC that could cause your remote access to fail. You can probably add to this list without too much trouble.

There are lots of reasons for needing to have mobile access to information. The key thing is that when you need it, you need it. You really want to be able to rely on your information being at your fingertips. If you need to do a presentation and your presentation is not available it can be devastating. If you are working to a deadline and you can’t get access to critical documents or data, what do you do?

What makes telecommuting and mobile work possible is secure, reliable and efficient access to the people you work with and the data you require to do your job. If your access is sporadic, then your results are as well, aren’t they? So how do you assure access and avoid problems?

An ideal solution is to store your information on a hosted, secure, robust server that is looked after by professionals that are operating from a business strength facility with redundant services and 24 hour care. In this scenario there are many added advantages;

· Your data is always online

· Data is consistently and frequently backed-up.

· You are using a powerful business strength server

· You don’t need your own servers, firewalls, etc.

· The links to the Internet are normally redundant and therefore seldom down.

· You are not as reliant on technical people.

· You don’t face resource problems from lack of disk space or processing power.

· Such facilities generally have good virus protection.

· Normally you can get a copy of your data back-up at any time.

· The facility is typically ‘on the fly’ scalable to your requirements.

· The cost and risk is generally much less than buying and operating your own infrastructure.

Particularly where a small organization or an individual is involved, the simplest solution is always the best. Why take on the risk of operating your own facilities when you can easily outsource the service for less money and far less hassle? It leaves you time to do what you do best!